Sunday, July 31, 2005

Waiting for Harry

I've been meaning to do a proper post all week, but training sorta prevented me from doing so. Until now. Home sweet home. It took awhile to get here though. Let me tell you. We were scheduled to fly out Friday @ 5pm Detroit time. Before we even left for the airport we get a call from the woman who does all out travel arrangements. Turns out the 5 o'clock flight was cancelled. Why? We have no idea. So after a quick stop to Starbucks we headed on out to the airport to beat traffic. Rumour had it we were on the 7pm flight. Turns out that one was oversold and only 1 of my coworkers got on it. The other 2 were flying into Midway at 7 while the rest of us were put on a 9:34 flight to O'Hare. It was about 4 Michigan time and after getting an OK we just decided to drive back to Chicaog. Holy 5 hours! But it was sooooooooo good to be home. Michigan is so BORING. To think I have to go through it all over again for the next 3 weeks.

Coming home was great as CHUS was so excited to see me. He licked my face for a good 5 minutes and really hasn't left my side all weekend. But I think ROB was even happier to see me:P

I forgot to mention last Saturday I drove up to Milwaukee for a baptism and to see my Mom since she had just gotten back from Mexico. Took advantage of the fact that RICKY was in town visiting his mom as well, so he tagged along w/ us. My Mom rocks as she found all the CDs on my wish list :) We also went ahead and ordered some CDs from Mixup and had them shipped to my Dad. Shipping is free in Mexico if u spend more than 500 pesos. Trust me we did. It was nice.

Guess what I finally got???? After never getting it from amazon I finally won one on ebay. DENISE LOPEZ!!! I finally got my copy of TRUTH IN DISGUISE. I have already listened to it a few times. Loving it!

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So the other day I am checking my email and I get a comment left on my blog and I was completely floored! See one of my favorite bands that is no longer, LUNA LIMÓN pretty much disappeared off the face of the earth. I had always wondered what became of them. So I chose them as a song of the day way back in January in hopes that someone would actually know who they were. I thought maybe, just maybe someone would leave a comment about them. Well to my surprise not only did someone know who they are but get this...the former lead singer signed my blog! Here's what she said:

Well it´s pretty good to know that somebody actually listened to that album...My name is María Urtuzuástegui, I am the singer of the second album of that now disappeared band Luna Limón, and fate brought me to this blog...definetely cuídate is one of my favorite tracks...thanks for listening bomitoni

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Wow! I am floored! She has such an amazing voice and it's a shame they never caught on. As it is EL FUTURO DEL PASADO is one of my favorite albums ever and I pretty much listen to it on a regular basis, but after María signed my guest book I find myself listening to it even more! If you can track it down it's a great album and like I said she has an awesome voice. Some of you may remember her when she was a back-up singer for Aleks Syntek back in the early 90s. See María was actually the 2nd vocalist for Luna Limón, and imo much better than the first Norma. Don't get me wrong I like her too, but María is...WOW! If you ever read this again María, I would love to hear from you! Drop me a line @

Wow I am still so geeked :) Sorry to bore you all but it really meant a lot to me. Made my day while in boring ol' Michicagn.

For the next 3 weeks I will be staying in a corporate condo. Oooh. Fancy. So I am bringing along my weeks worth of episodes of REBELDE so I have something to do :) Hope everyone is well. Don't miss me too much! 3 more weeks to go. Let's hope it goes by fast.



Rata de dos patas said...

Hey Bomi, here's something to take you out of Boreland: There's a new post on my blog!!.. finally!!!... Oh, and I fixed those other pics. and yes, you still owe me "Mas que una bendicion"...

Take care

bomitoni said...

ya era hora!!! yes i know i still owe u the song :P

G. Carolina said...

waiting for an update....

espelina said...

me too!

Sam_82 said...

me three!

rob said...

I love love love denise lopez!
what happened to her?

i bought that tape almost ten years ago.

i think the slow jam "Truth in Disguise" is totally underrated-- it should have been released as a single!

Denise's second album rocked but was totally overlooked (had the excellent dance single "make your move")

bomitoni said...

rob i have NO idea what became of Ms. Lopez. I even asked on a freestyle message board and NO ONE knew anything about her whereabouts. I am just barely getting into her and I love her loud ass voice!!!! I f I ever hear anything I will let u know :)

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