Friday, December 30, 2005

Lo mejor

I present to you my favorite albums of 2005. It was rather hard to narrow it down. And rather do a top 10 (or a top 5 for that matter)...I wittled it down to 15. So allow me to ramble...

15. Depeche Mode-Playing The Angel

14. Kelly Osbourne-Sleeping In The Nothing

13. Anna Vissi-Nylon

12. María Matto-Detrás del amor

11. Fannypack-See You Next Tuesday

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10. Bananarama-Drama: The Nanas have fun on the dance floor & make their best album since POP LIFE.

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9. Shakira-Fijación oral vol.1: Shakira proved that she's better in español w/ her best album in years.

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8. Soraya-El otro lado de mí: Colombian-American chanteuse recorded the best album of her career w/ glorious results.

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7. Tiffany-Dust Off & Dance: So it sounds like it was recorded in 1996, it's Tiffany; she could sing the phone book & I'd love it.

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6. Natalia y la forquetina-Casa-While nowhere near as quirky as her debut, this proves why Natalia Lafourcade is one of the most exciting performers to come out of Mexico in years.

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5. Chenoa-Nada es igual: I've always loved Chenoa as she's definitely one of my favorite newer acts to come out of Spain. My only problem is while her previous two albums had killer singles, the rest of the albums had tons of filler. But not this one. I think this is her strongest effort and while some fans do not like the non-dance direction she's taken, I have to say it's a welcome change.

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4. Sara Valenzuela-Lado este: Ex-Dosis front woman released a hypnotic solo debut. From trip hop to Jamiroquai-esque beats, Sara has really outdone herself. I had the chance to see Sara perform (and meet her) at an in-store @ Tower and as the opening act for Fangoria. Wow is all I can say....& not just because we share the same last name :)

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3. Rachel Stevens-Come & Get It: So what if she has the personality of a bucket of water? She's made the funnest pop album of the year. Eat your heart out Madonna! Glorious electro-pop galore, it's the perfect companion to my other fave electro pop albums by Dannii Minogue (Neon Nights) & Holly Valance (State of Mind). Here's hoping she continues w/ this new musical direction that suits her so well.

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2. Belanova-Dulce Beat: Probably the album that grew on me the most this year. I practically ignored it until I took it w/ me on my work excursion to MI. It's been on heavy rotation ever since (be it my ipod, car, home stereo). Don't ask me how many times I've listed to Rosa pastel or my new obsession Sexy. I have to say this album is a perfect ten and it's great to see all these new electronic acts emerging from Mexico.

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1. Elan-London Express: Did you really expect me to pick something else? Quite honestly it took me a LONG time to get into this album. It's impossible to surpass her debut, STREET CHILD, because for me it's flawless. While this album is steeped in Beatles influence, I personally can't stand them, I must say it furthered my growing love for Elan. She has forever penetrated my musical soul. ¡Viva Elan!

There you have it my faves of 2005. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings. I'd just like to take a moment and wish you all a very happy new year. Thanks for reading my rants & raves.




Chicago_Sexbox said...

I agree with 15,14,13,11,10,9,4,3,2! I either have no comment on the other picks or hated them, lol.

Rata de dos patas said...

Happy New Year to you too. May all your wishes come true.

Ok, I have to comment on the top 15. Tiffany? Really??

bomitoni said...

RDDP...i have been obsessed w/ Tiffany since I was 10 years old! So yes, Tiffany. Really :)

MatadorMexicano said...

good choices (the ones ive listened to at any rate) BUT WHERES RBD?!?!?!?!? lol ;)

Chicago_Sexbox said...

yeah, where's RBD? Lord knows you are obsessed with them! And I must comment that I am in shock that you like Soraya's snooze-fest-make-a-wish-foundation-album but totally snubbed Mad-doo-doo! lol

cindylu said...

I've been listening to a lot of Shakira lately, well OG Shakira and thinking that I'd like to take a listen to her new stuff. Is Fijación Oral really that good? I'd like to have some idea of what I'm checking out before I actually buy something.