Saturday, December 31, 2005

What about RBD?

So where was RBD on my favorite of 2005?'s funny you mention them because I was planning on doing a post about that album being my guilty pleasure of 2005! So here goes...

This year I became addicted to this cheesy soap opera and how so! I even went as far as going as Anahí for Halloween! LOL! So I bought their debut and listened to it quite a few times, but when it came time for the follow-up (lord knows they have to milk this while they're still hot) it was love @ first listen! I listen to this every morning in the shower. The title track Nuestro amor is so addictive! Plus I love their new glam image.

As for the new CD I think it's a whole lot better than their debut and I already have my faves which are Nuestro amor, Aún hay algo, Solo para ti, Fuera, Tras de mí, Qué fue del amor & Qué hay detrás. I think I even like Feliz cumpleaños! I only wish that they would let Maite sing lead more cause she's the only one of the girls w/ a decent voice. Anahí is too scratchy and Dulce María has an annoying squeaky voice.

I'm sure they'll release album #3 this year. I also heard they are doing an English album this year! You know I am buying that cause 5 years from now it'll be worth big bucks on ebay :)

Of course my follow up for guilty pleasure of the year is RBD related. Who else but Alma Rey herself, Ninel Conde! I love her because she's so trashy! Her music is typical girlie grupera stuff (i.e. Ana Barbara, etc.) but oh so much more fun. I think my fave has to be La rebelde, but the original version, the more tropical one, not the norteño one that is on the album. I also love her Gloria Trevi penned "hit" Ingrato. And believe it or not her voice isn't that bad. Plus she's hot!

So now you know where RBD is. Here's wishing everyone a very happy new year. Still not sure what we're doing tonight. But I am sure whatever it involves, there will be booze and me telling someone to change their cotex.


MatadorMexicano said...

i really want the english album cause itll be crazy delicious! ill buy three if theyre good investments like that then!

and im glad you didnt leave them behind! some good ass whooping would have been in order!

Vertigos said...


Happy New Year! I haven't been online for a pc died! :(

I sent u a text message for xmas...did u get it???

bomitoni said...

mm...u know i couldn't not talk about RBD!

verigos...DUDE! GOL! i didn't get ur message :(

Flavio said...

Hi! just a quick visit to wish you the best of the years, lots of health, love, happines and money for you during 2006!


cindylu said...

You have me intrigued to RBD and Rebelde. I was in Tower yesterday and her the Nuestro Amor song.

bomitoni said...

Well they are addictive. Like I said it's my guilty pleasure, and their songs are über teeny bop, but i can't get enough!

Vertigos said...

Dude! I know some of their songs (my favorites are: Salvame & solo quedate en silencio)....they're super popular here...I heard they're performing here soon! Gol!