Friday, December 23, 2005

worst of 05

It is finally the weekend! As Debbie Deb says...lookout weekend here i come...because weekends were made for fun. Can someone find me my roller skates? I am currently on day 2 of my 5 day weekend! It feels so good. We even went out last night to Circuit, just like old times. The drag show was pretty bad, that's just cause Miss Ketty always looks like death, and her girls just can't compare w/ Veronica Zaid's. Oh well. It was nice to get out, dance our asses off and drink. Such a nice change from all the drama that's been going on lately. Let me just take a moment and get on my soap box. I'd just like to say that people really need to stop being dramatic and learn how to laugh at life a little. For that is why my Milwaukee Sister and I get along so well. I love you, your cold heart and your high horse! She's one fierce bitch!

While I've been trying to compile my picks for my favorites of the year, it's been hard to narrow down my choices, I thought I'd start off w/ my least faves of the year. I have to say overall 2005 was a great year for my music collection and that is why I only chose three.

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3. Ashlee Simpson I Am Me. I know I know. Shame on me. It was on sale for $8.99 at Target and I could not resisit! I should have. Save 2 songs (Boyfriend and L.O.V.E.) this has to be one of the most boring albums of the year (I almost chose Lindsay Lohan's sophmore effort but there were just enough trashy moments to save it). I am not even a fan, but like I said the cheap price was almost as glaring as her cheap fake blonde hair.

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2. Javier García 13 Javier, Javier. I waited God knows how many years for you to follow up your flawless debut and this is the best you give me? Sounds like a Juanes knock-off to me (and I can't stand Juanes so we know where this is heading). Don't you just hate it when an artist makes a return after a lengthy abscence and the results are dismal?

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1. Madonna Confessions On A Dancefloor Speaking of dismal...I know my membership to the fag society should be revoked but contrary to what every other fag says, this album is B-O-R-I-N-G! I can name about 5 other dance albums that were light years better than this. All the songs sound pretty much the same after a few listens. Besides I love Abba too much to appreciate the sample in Hung Up. If that weren't enough, Madge sounds so lazy vocally on this album it's not even funny. Can't she at least try? The only salvagable song was Jump. If you're going to make a good dance album can't you at least do something that wasn't done by the Minogue sisters in the 90s? No pun intended Sista M...but she needs to get off her high horse. This album was supposed to be a throwback to fun early Madonna? She failed miserably. She hasn't had fun since Erotica. Stop trying to hard.

An honorable mention goes to all the crappy reggaeton that was released this year. My hatred for the genre was further cemented last night at Circuit. While I can enjoy dancing to this ghetto fad for a song or 2, after awhile it all sounds THE SAME. They did a set last night and if it weren't for the videos I would have not known when one song began and when the next ended.

I leave you all as Chus is barking at me to take him for a walk. I will post my best of most likely tomorrow. Take care!


Chicago_Sexbox said...

You know, I really liked the Madonna album, So what, do you think you are better than me? How dare you make fun my musical tastes online. Making fun of my musical tastes in person is one thing, but letting the whole world know about this another! You need to get off your high horse, you fucking cold hearted bitch!

bomitoni said...

You know what...maybe you should stop and think before you speak! If anyone has a cold heart it's you! It's almost as cold as your apartment!

Rata de dos patas said...

Shame on you Bomi.... Madonna on your worst of the year list??... nooo-oohh!!... There's been much worst stuff out there and that Im shure you bought on sale or not. I liked 'Confessions.." but dancing to it on its entirety at Roscoe's 2 weeks ago, made me love it.

bomitoni said...

sorry, but i just don't like it. i think i'd rather listen to American Life. She hasn't made a good album since RAY OF LIGHT.