Monday, December 05, 2005

Vente en mi boca

They're coming! They're coming! LAS ULTRASÓNICAS are coming to Chicago!!!!

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This Saturday, Dec. 10 @ the Congress Theatre! It gets's a FREE show!! It's part of their free concert series and they will be coming w/ Victimas del Dr. Cerebro! I swear I haven't seen them since I moved to Chicago. That was 6 years ago @ the Palladium, I remember it was on Halloween and I took my picture w/ one of the guys, can't remember which one. Like I was saying the concert is free so visit the Congress Theatre's website to get your free tickets!

My weekend was pretty mellow, I ended up staying in and cleaning, vegging, watching bad movies (Not Another Teen Movie, etc.). Nothing else exciting, just trying to get ready for Xmas shindig. Before I forget congrats to my lifer Lady Dijon and her twins she's expecting :) Ibérico was a blast!

Before I leave, I too am addicted to LastFM. Thanks Twin Blogger! Check out my user page and see what i'm listening to in realtime.

Peace out!


Chicago_Sexbox said...

Omigod, Not Another Teen Movie is a blast! I could watch that movie over and over and over. Chris Evans is too hot as a human banana split.

You FM playlists is hilarious. I love your eccletic tastes in music. Nowhere else would I see Fangoria followed by Choice!

espelina said...

You just listened to "The Lover Who Rocks You"! hahahaha I love that song...

bomitoni said...

that's when INDIA was good!