Friday, April 07, 2006


I usually leave the beefaroni entries to my Milwaukee Sister. But I had to gush over this random hottness. I've had a crush on Jerry O'Connell for years. He's hot! Have you seen him on the cover of the newest issue of MEN'S FITNESS?? I couldn't find the cover online anywhere, but trust me he looks HOT! But when searching for some hottie pics of Jerry I came across this one...

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Grrr indead!

In other news I have begun the search for an apartment for my boo boo, Chus and I. I know it's super early but, I always say it's never too early to start looking. Thus far I haven't found anything that wows me yet. There were a few I thought might be good but once I found out it didn't have a dishwasher....oh no! See I never had a dishwasher in my life until we moved into our current place and let me tell you I don't know how I went so long w/out one? All I want is a 2 bedroom (a den as well would be nice), hard wood floors (I don't do carpeting), dishwasher, central air/heat, laundry on site (in unit is even better), parking, dog friendly (that is #1 on my list) in the same 'hood we're in now. What's so hard about that? Wish me luck.

In other news my Sista M and I are equally upset to hear that after waiting what seems like an eternity for Dannii Minogue's new album...all we're getting is a lousy greatist hits compilation w/ 6 new songs!?!? WTF!?!? dissapoint me so. After the fiercest electropop album ever, NEON NIGHTS, all we get is fucking GH collection??!!?? The only good thing is supposedly there will be a DVD...but still. A GH!?!??! I can't write anymore, my favorite Minogue has let me down.

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Chicago_Sexbox said...

What's so sad is both you and me will probably be the first ones in Chicago to import Dannii's Greatest Hits! LOL. We support our low rent/gutter divas to the bitter end!