Thursday, April 13, 2006

Look In My Heart

I am a sucker for actresses that sing. If you peeked through my CD collection you'd find CDs by the likes of Cree Summer, Nia Peeples, Tricia Leigh Fisher, Milla Jovovich, Bijou Phillips, Minnie Driver, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jasmine Guy...I could go on for hours. But one that I never went out of my way to get into was Alyssa Milano. During the late 80s and part of the early 90s she had a huge singing career in Asia. While I never bothered to check out some of music, I found this video on youtube and now I know I have to track down everything she's EVER recorded! Can you blame Asia for loving her so? This shit is so awful it's good! I don't know what I love more, her god awful bleached jeans paired w/ a hockey jersey (that's a hockey jersey right?), the pink bridesmaid/prom dress from hell or her "dancing"? Why not judge for yourself and check out this gem entitled Look In My Heart:


Chicago_Sexbox said...

wow...that IS really bad! yikes!

MatadorMexicano said...

that was possibly teh worst thing i have EVER heard in my life!


rob said...

for me it was the porn star boyfriend. haven't i seen him in 'rites of manhood'?
he was hot (kind of looks like one of the kids from NKOTB).