Monday, April 17, 2006


Easter weekend was relaxing, thank god! Chus got his hair cut (all of it!!) he looks like a Chihuahua right now! Adorable...I'll post pics later. Poor thing was traumatized. My mom came to visit and we did some shopping in Lincoln Park on Saturday (not my favorite neighborhood, but good for shopping nonetheless). Of course I had to stop at the used cd store. They were giving away this sampler of this new band w/ any purchase, so I took one. Glad I did cause I'm totally digging it! Not sure how to descripe them. Alternative-lite pop w/ a touch of Russian? They're great! Their name is Persephone's Bees

and this is their official website. You can also check them out on itunes here. I think some of you guys would like them, especially my twin blogger. Sista M there are even hot remixes of their first single Nice Day. Their debut album is to come out in June.

So the apartment hunt is on! I have an apointment to see a place tonight, it's rather cheap so I'm a bit skeptical. But tomorrow I am looking at a place literally 1.5 blocks down the street from us! I hope I like that place cause the move would be beyond easy. Thanks for those of you who have been sending listings my way. I appreciate it :)

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MatadorMexicano said...

good luck with tonight! alls i know is yous better have a guest bedroom!!! ;)