Friday, April 07, 2006


Ok so this post isn't about foreskin, but I wanted something funny for my title. My twin blogger had this survey up on her site and asked that other Chicago bloggers do the same. So humor me as I happily oblige :)

Four Jobs I've Had In My Life in Chicago:
I've only had one job since living here for 6.5 years (lame I know). Art Director @ an ad agency.

Four Movies Set in Chicago I Could Watch Over And Over:
Sixteen Candles (ok it's the burbs...but it's close enough!)
Breakfast Club (see above)
Adventures in Babysitting (I'm stealing this from my twinny; actually I haven't seen this in years!)
High Fidelity

Four Places I've Lived In Chicago:
Little Village (when my parents got remarried in 1985 we lived on 32nd and Kostner for a summer before moving back to Milwaukee after my grandmother died)
Uptown (my apartment, a studio, was off the Argyle stop on the red line; 1999)
Bridgeport (Shitport as I dubbed it, the rent was REALLY cheap; 2000-2004)
Logan Square (my current home and the best neighborhood in Chicago! 2005-present)

Four Chicago-Themed Shows I Love(d) To Watch:
Married With Children
Punky Brewster
The Loop

Four Places I Would Vacation At In Chicago:
The W Hotel
Swiss Hotel
Virgin Megastore (I could have a shopping spree!)

Four Chicago-Based Websites I Visit Daily:
musicbeing (my boo boo)
chicago sexbox (my milwaukee sister)
espelina (my twin blogger)
chargenda (charlie, because he can throw down w/ some avenue d)
boomtacular (the homos of the PNS Explosion's blog...hilarious!)

Four Of My Favorite Foods Found In Chicago:
the buffet at Star of India
a guarache from Maxwell Street
chicken low mein from Choi's in Logan Square
tapas & sangría @ Café Ibérico

Four Places In Chicago I Would Rather Be Right Now:
cd shopping
drunk at Roscoe's on a sunday night (queening out w/ my equally drunk bf and MS)
taking my baby out for a nice walk
at dinner w/ friends


Cracked Chancla said...

ooh, cafe ibericos. yum. i could eat morcilla and patatas bravas from now until forever. but i have to ask, 32nd and kostner. there were only factories back there? that and the back of the park where kids went to drink and do 'bad' stuff.

bomitoni said...

well that was 20+ years ago, so maybe my geography is off a bit. i just remember it was 32nd and a "k" street! maybe i should ask my father again...

espelina said...

mmmm! Maxwell St. huaraches!