Saturday, March 11, 2006

HR 4437

I've been über busy at work and therefore have not been able to blog all week. My knee is doing much better in case you care. But the point of my post is about the march that I viewed from my office window this past Friday. My coworker was in the midst of things and took some pics. She's allowed me to share some with you:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

It was amazing to see how passionate all these people are about the state of immigration in the US. What was even more wonderful was that so many people from so many different backgrounds all came together for this cause. Corny as it may sound, I'm being completly honest.

I'm ashamed to say that I had no idea this march was even going to occur. Sometimes I am in my own little world. But while I was looking out the window you could see blocks and blocks of people marching all in opposition of HR 4437. This rather hits close to home for me as last year my father was deported. This is something I have never really written about in my blog just because at the time it was all too much to take in. In all honesty it is a very complex and long story that I don't feel like going into right now.

What pisses me off is the pompous attitude that so many "Americans" have regarding immigration, and illegal aliens. Unless you're a Native American than you have absolutely no right to bitch. Somewhere down the line your ancestors came here from another country. Sorry these illegal aliens are taking away such precious jobs. I am sure Miss Lily White Republican really wanted that job bussing tables at the local Mexican dive restaurant.

Anyhoo...I'd like to get off my political soapbox now.

We didn't end up seeing Anything Box last night. We were broke and in all honesty I didn't want to be standing for so long, especially since my knee is just getting better.

I am so looking forward to next Sunday as we will be going out for my Milwaukee Sister's white trash bday throwdown! It's gonna be a blast!

While looking at the Chicago Reader the other day I noticed we're in the midst of the European Film Festival here in Chicago. You can get more info on what films are playing here. There is a film from Spain that I want to see called 20 CENTIMETROS playing March 23. Anyone wanna go? Twing blogger how 'bout you??

Speaking of my Twin Blogger, her URL has changed. Visit her blog at

Btw I am soooo excited that America's Next Top Model premiered last week! Nnenna all the way! Jade needs to go down!

I'm out.


Chicago_Sexbox said...

All those Mexicans made me late for work! And just so you know, Miss Lily White Republican's bathroom went uncleaned that day! Poor thing......but seriously, all politcally incorrect jokes aside, you are very right when you made the comments about Native Americans. Everyone else that came after them are fucking immigrants too!

Cracked Chancla said...

the anything box concert was a major dissapointment. we waited outside in line and got in close to twelve despite the fact that the tickets said doors opened at eleven. the actual concert didn't start until 1:15--part of our party had to leave by then. my feet were rather angry with me by then as well and i had to go out to the other room, find a seat and finish 'listening' to the concert. saying it was crowded is a mild understatement. it was more like a regular night at a club than being at a concert. and to my dismay they didn't play long, only a few songs--not even dreams. we left shortly after. i was home by three. so you didn't miss much.

espelina said...

Count me in! I want to see that movie...

T-baggins said...

Wow, I didn't know that about your dad... (maybe I was retarded and never asked you about him!) But you know I'm down with the illegal aliens...I told you my story from the summer ;) Scandalous! (and plus, I'm a Euro-mutt anyway).