Sunday, March 12, 2006

Mo' Ritmo

So I was looking through some old pictures when I came across this:

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Yes it's real. And yes I actually wrote a fan letter to Gerardo and he send me an autographed picture. Loser! I had such a crush on him! LOL! When did he hit big? 1991 I believe? I must have been like 14. I just can't get over what he wrote.

To my Homeboy Joe. Stay "SUAVE". Gerardo.

Lol! Can you believe I thought he was hot? He had a nice body sure, but that creepy headband and nasty hair extensions. Eeew.

To further our amusement:

I think he's a born again Christian. May the Lord be with him.


Chicago_Sexbox said...

i am ashamed to admit I own all of his cd's, including his "born again christian reggaeton/rap" album. Oddly enough, I only started to find him attactive after he cut his hair in the mid-90's.

bomitoni said...

oh no! talk about a guilty pleasure. i think the only post fame cd of his i own is DERRUMBE, because he looked hot in just suspenders and a hat :)

espelina said...

LOL at this entire post! YOu are too awesome, twinny

cad said...

LOL, that is just too funny! I haven't seen Mr. Rico Suave in a long time. . oh gawd, now the song is gonna be stuck in my head!