Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Stepmom fever

Image hosting by PhotobucketSo the other day my booboo bought the telenovela La Madrasta (the Stepmother) on DVD. First off let me say that these condensed versions of Spanish language soaps are the best! I can totally watch them at my own leisure (I've already watched Rubi & Clase 406) and they cut out all the unimportant stuff and just get to the good stuff if you will. As the BF has already noted on his blog I have become ADDICTED to this! There are 3 double sided discs, the total running time is 11 hours, and I am already on disc 2 side 2! I love it! I totally want to come home and just watch it for hours. If I didn't have to work tomorrow I would stay up and finish the whole thing! LOL! This soap is great as it's über trashy and super addicting. But I have a question about one of the characters for those of you who have watched it. When we first meet Michelle "ass face" Vieth's character in jail w/ María (Victoria Ruffo...btw everytime they say her name I hear the theme song from Simplemente María of which she was also the protoganist), she has a Mexican accent. A few scenes later she has the most bizarre (I'm assuming) Brazilian accent! WTF!?! Can someone explain this to me?? And before you ask Sista M, there is one cute boy...

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José Luis Reséndez as Greco.

Other than watching soaps on DVD I've pretty much been busy at work. I just got put on a new project for the next couple of months, and it's really exciting and I got my raise. Not much but hey, something's better than nothing.

I made a brief trek up to Milwaukee this past Friday to visit my Mom before she left to Mexico for the new 2 weeks. It was a nice night out as we went out for dinner and the obligatory trip to Potawatomi Casino where I won $86! Woo hoo! We bought groceries w/ it. Exciting I know. On the downside, our baby Chus got sick late Friday evening and most of Saturday because I wasn't home. My poor baby. He started to feel better after I got home and eventually was back to his playful self the rest of the weekend.

I haven't posted a vid in awhile. Today I am going to pick one of my favorite songs from one of my childhood idols. By 1993 Deborah Gibson was pretty much a has been but she released her best album to date, Body Mind Soul. It contains some great dance songs as well as her usual sappy ballads. But one ballad in particular stood out, that being the first single Losin' Myself. While it was not a hit, I think it barely charted at #98, it was new sound for Ms. Gibson vocally (she sings at a lower register) and musically. Plus she looks hot as a stripper in the video w/ her then new brunette hairdo. Enjoy!


MatadorMexicano said...

oh god hes so hot!!!!!!

Chicago_Sexbox said...

oooh Sista M! He's Beefaroni. If I ever get around to watching Rubi or Rosalinda, La Madrasta might be next on my list!

espelina said...

my mom was obsessed with La

I agree, I loved Selena's english/spanish pop the best. Can you imagine what she could've done. Its so sad...

YoNoTePidoLaLuna said...

See sextoy...that's the guy I was talking about....but let me warn you, he never comes out shirtless or anything. he's on Alborada now and too, u never see any skin.

My mother too was obsessed with La Madrastra....I remember I would call her sometimes or go over to her house and she's be like "uu esta bien buena "La Madrastra!"".hahaha

Vertigos said...

That's Andres on Alborada right??? He looks wayyy better now! :)

rob said...

OMG! how did i miss this post?
i love ms. gibson.
and she's a big friend of the gays.

i still buy everything she releases.
and 'losin myself' was a damn sexy song. it's a shame the fickle radio programmers won't play her new stuff when it comes out.