Thursday, March 16, 2006

Playas check it out

I'd just like to take a moment and say...

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My Milwaukee Sister is the fiercest bitch I know! It's so funny how we knew one another while living in that shithole, I mean our hometown, via mutual friends but it wasn't until we were both living here in Chicago that we realized how fierece one another was and quickly became sistas! So to all you out there in blog land, don't think of today as St. Patrick's Day, think of today is Sista M Day! To you on your special day, I dedicate the following:

In the words of Debbie Deb, Lookout weekend here we come!. Love ya!



Chicago_Sexbox said...

Sista M! My Chicago experience wouldn't not have been the same without you! Thanks for the Birthday video! We are going to thrown like only the Milwaukee Sisters can on Sunday!

Rata de dos patas said...

Hope you dont mind my link to your blog. Been very good updating - nothing interesting, though - he, he.
Congrats to CHISEXBOX!


bomitoni said...

sista m...let's get them to play this video again!!!

rddp...i am very impressed u're updating ur blog. i was gonna write you off pretty soon. i'm flattered you'd link to my blog :)