Tuesday, March 07, 2006


So this past Friday I was getting up after having snoozed seven thousand times. As I extened my leg to get up something snapped. Literally. For some reason I could not move my knee, I was in an awful lot of pain. About 3 years ago I stretched a ligament in my knee and had to wear a brace on my leg and use crutches. Needless to say my knee is feeling a lot better. But it still doesn't feel fully healed. Soo...I am going to try and see if my Doctor can see me this week, just because I don't want this to become something worse that it really is. Wish me luck.

So one of my favorite 90s relics has finally emerged via a new group! Betty Boo was a UK rapper that had some fabu music in the early 90s that combined dance, hip hop and all that is cheese! I was a big dork and I think I was one of 4 people in the US who actually bought her albums at regular price upon their release (because they were always in the cut-out bin). She took some time off to take care of her sick mother, but now she is back after writing some hits for some UK teen acts. She's hooked up w/ Alex James of Blur and formed a new band called Wigwam! They have a hot new video and Ms. Boo looks f-ing fierce!

I've been singing this song for days! Before I forget I wanted to wish my favorite MI broad, Tracy a happy belated birthday!

I'd write more but I've been out the last 2 days and have way too much to catch up on! Take care everyone!

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MatadorMexicano said...

dios mio that sounds likre it hurt!!!!!!!!! hope you feel better!