Sunday, May 07, 2006

Bibi te amo

So Friday my boyfriend tells me there is an interview w/ his #1 diva Daniela Romo in the newspaper HOY. So I'm sitting on the train going home and I notice this man sitting in front of me is reading it, so I start to peak over his shoulder. Next thing I know he turns the page and who do I see? BIBI GAYTÁN and the words cinco de mayo...I was puzzled so the minute I get off the train I run to the nearest newstand and find a copy....what do I see??? Some cinco de mayo festival at Douglas Park is having Bibi Gaytán and some other celebs as ther special guests of honor! HOLY SHIT!

When I was 15 (1992) I became obsessed w/ Bibi. I just thought she was the most beautful thing! I know I've gushed about my love for her on this blog before, but seriously she's been one of my faves ever since. She has to be the most beautiful woman ever to come out of Timbiriche. So today after we sign our lease we are heading on over to the festival so we stalk her! Yes! LOL. All I want is an autograph and a picture and tell her what a big fan I am. Come on I own not only her 2 solo albums but every novela soundtrack she was on as well! I still have her slutty calendar from 1994! Oh yeah Eduardo Capetillo is gonna be there too. Boo. Wish me luck guys.

So this talk of Bibi got me thinking of this next clip I'm about to share w/ you all. Bibi's signature song Mucha mujer para ti is actually a cover of Spanish singer Vicky Larraz. If you don't know who she is, it wouldn't surprise me as most people this side of the atlantic don't. Vicky you see was the original lead singer of Olé Olé way before Marta Sánchez was their vocalist. Anyhoo....Olé Olé's first single was written and produced by Nacho Cano of Mecano. I am sure you all know this one...

Yes it's No controles. This was actually done in 1983, way before the version by Flans which many of us know and love (their version is from 1985). Funny that it wasn't until years later that I knew this version even existed. As much as I love the bubblegum pop that is Flans's version, I must say I really like the synthier version that was done by Olé Olé just a little better. Enjoy! Hope everyone's having a great weekend.

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