Monday, May 15, 2006

Dirtie Blonde

We had a nice Mother's Day in Milwaukee. We ended up going to a Ponderosa of all places. Everything was booked so we figured, what the hell? Hadn't been there in years but afterwards we ended up at the casino and I won $75! Not bad huh? Can use that towards movers. I was exhausted all day because we went out the night before w/ my cousins and did some damage at Bryant's. As much as I love Chicago, I have to say that Milwaukee has the best bars where you can just go and chill and have a drink. We need more places like that here.

Only 2.5 weeks left to pack! You know what I'll be doing every free second I have :P

So my boo boo gave me a promo cd this past weekend that I'm really digging. The name of the band of is Dirtie Blonde and I can not get enough of them! I totally dig their sound. It's very pop/rock but their music is very rich, there are lots of gorgeous textures. The lead singer's voice is really cool. There's a bit of gritiness to her voice (which I LOVE). The CD doesn't even come out until tomorrow, but I highly recommend it. I've been listening to it all weekend!

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