Sunday, May 07, 2006

I can die now

So after a hearty meal at Burger King we headed over to Douglas Park to attempt and meet Bibi Gaytán. We finally made our way our way to the mass they were holding and immediately spotted Bibi and the other celebs on stage...

We made our way to the back of the stage and decided to wait there until the mass was over. After frying in the sun for 1.5 hours (I am sure I will be paying for it tomorrow), the mass finally finished. Bibi and the others made their way off the stage. She was busy taking pics w/ some people backstage so I told Rob to yell out her name while I held up her debut LP. Well that immediately got her attention and as soon as she saw it she finished posing for a picture and made her way over to us!!!! I was so nervous as I already said I have been a huge geeky fan since I was 15. Anyhoo she rushed over to us and gave us both kisses on the cheek (I'm not washing my face...LOL) and said hola, tuve que venir porque miré que tenian mi disco. I don't even remember all that I said, I just remember I asked her when she was recording a new album and she mentioned that in the future she may record again and then I told her I was a huge fan and that I had been one since I was 15 and that I was almost 30 now. are some pics of her signing my LP:

I was just floored by how sweet she was and how beautiful she was! She looked amazing! She's hasn't aged at all! She is still a knockout after all this years. The meeting could not have been complete w/out la foto del recuerdo

I swear to god I can die in peace now! Check out how she's pointing to the LP and what's w/ that broad to the left of me? Whatever!

I've just been geeking about this all day. Of all my divas that I finally get to meet! Bibi Gaytán!!!!! I am still smiling just thikning about today's events :) I hope to god she really does release another album. She has a lovely voice and it's a shame her music was so overlooked during her heyday.

I must go to bed now as it's getting late. BTW...did I mention I met Bibi Gaytán today?


Bellyflutters said...

omg Joey!
How cute is that! You guys look so adorable in that pic.
So happy for ya sista! ;p

I'm doing the Belanova thing too.. is cute :)

espelina said...

How exciting for you guys!!! Yay! She is gorgeous... you guys are cute as always also. :-)

Vertigos said...


How cool...she does look the same!! U look soo happy! :)

Jean Alfaro said...

Me encantaba "Y se marcha diciendo perdón" !
Y tienes su otro disco ? "Manzana verde" ?


bomitoni said...

Claro que lo tengo :)

cindylu said...

She's still so beautiful. I remember when I first saw her on Baila Conmigo.

hugo said...

es mjy guapa, se mantiene perfectamente y es ademas muy amable y dulce, cuando quiere, porque una noche en un restaurante casi patea a quienes volteamos a verla llegar enojadisima con su esposo tvnovela heartthrob. pero fui a una comida a su rancho y alli se porto de maravilla, y bailo toda la tarde con todos. muy linda y muy mexicana moderna.


MatadorMexicano said...

hahahahaha! you look SO cute! <3 la cara que tienes pues desdeluego se nota lo feliz que estabas!

congrats! and youre absolutely right, she looks stunning!