Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ode to Dookie

Today is my lifer's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TSOULA! Kelly is in Athens and reads this daily and I got to speak to that whore today for a bit! I miss you Kelly! Come back to Chicago NOW! COME NOW! DAMN IT JANET! I couldn't find a picture of Dookie Boots here at work, but I came up w/ this in the meantime. Her ultimate crush, a young Billy Idol

I present a brief poem in honor of my lifer's birthday (it doesn't rhyme but humor me anyway)...

dressed in black
she comes from greece
absolut sprites
are her friend
blond boys make her squeal
lifer lifer why did you leave?
u are the best slutt
tsoula's your name
slutty boys your game
i love u lifer
come back now & we'll
stare at the heart on tv!

1 comment:

hugo said...

i just saw your drawings. they're great!

saludos de mexico. oh, happy cinco de mayo. pity about your chinese place.