Wednesday, April 13, 2005


So I totally missed the Fangoria chat last night! Ughh! Damn military time always confuses me! However...I did read the transcript! Alaska is friggin' hilarious. My favorite comment was when they asked her about Thalía's cover (or shall I say blasphemous cover) of ¿A quién le importa, they replied: NO lo hemos oido, a Alaska le han puesto un poco esta mañana en la radio y le parece muy Thalia. LOL! I love the last comment...le parece muy Thalia. LOL! Also Milwaukee Sister, they love Moenia's cover of "Ni tú ni nade" :) Since I had a few request for an Alaska song I decided to post one of my favorite remixes. What I love is that they always rename the song when it's remixed. Since Chiringuito mentioned it, I've upload a remix of Mi novio es un zombi. Click here to download ZOMBIS EN LA CASA DEL AMOR. Enjoy!

Not sure about straight girls, but many gay boys I know (I myself am guilty of this) buy CDs we deem cute boy selections. You know what I'm talking about. A cd that you probably will never listen to but you have to have it cause the guy is so hot! I am guilty as this past weekend I won on ebay a copy of one of Bobby Pulido's cds!!! Damn is he hot. If I had a pussy it would be wet just thinking about him! Lol! Grrr...check out that ass!

Not much else going on. But...Friday is the Gloria Trevi concert!! I shall listen to her to get me pumped :)


espelina said...

I love Moenia's cover of "Ni tu ni nadie" too! Have you seen the video? It is hilarious.

bomitoni said...

:) they did it justice unlike some ribless biach.