Thursday, April 14, 2005

Gloria! Gloria!

Tomorrow is the Gloria Trevi concert! I can't wait! The last time I saw her was when I was 15 at Soldier Field @ Viva México. Wow...I'm old. That was 13 years ago! Gasp! Shock! Rob is super excited since he never saw her before. I personally am going to enjoy this one so much more. I can't wait! Will I be the loudest loca there? It'll be tough w/ all the nocas (remember? naca locas) there.


Sam_82 said...

Aunque no soy fan de Gloria,tengo que confesar que me gustan dos o tres rolas de ella. Mi favorita es Hoy me ire de casa.
Sobre tu ultimo post de Bobby Pulido i have to admit that on the selena vive concert i was staring at the man's package...huge.
A couple of months ago i went to a private concert de Yahir and that guy is packing something big as well...or so it looks like it. i was right in front of it.

bomitoni said...

YAHIR!!! He's a hottie!!! He has a nice ass too....