Thursday, April 28, 2005

En mi propia pieeeeeeel

I just sent my Milwaukee Sister an email that I am sure will have his cooch gushing w/ joy! One of my favorite obscure acts en español is back! Meyra Cordova is a dance singer from Guetemala via Mexico who released a killer dance album back in 1998 called Intensamente. I swear to god she sounds like Edith Márquez (ex-Timbiriche)! I got a promo back in the day and I devoured it! I still listen to this all the time, I was just curious to look for her today and what do I find? She has her own website up and is even performing in Anaheim, CA on May 15 at some festival called Festirock 2005! Damn I wish I was in CA right now. If any of you want her trashy dance, you can find her album relatively cheap on

So I leave for Durango a week from Saturday :( I'm sad and happy. Happy to see my Dad but mostly sad that I am gonna be away from Rob for a whole week :( The most we've ever been apart was a day!!! And I am gonna miss my baby Chus as well :( I've been trying to read up on what's going on down there, mainly via one of their newspapers. Though I've mostly been going through the society pages. They make me laugh the crap they print. Con porras y aplausos se llevó a cabo la coronación de las tres ganadoras del concurso “Externa tu belleza interna” que fue organizado por la Coordinación de los Centros de Desarrollo del DIF Estatal. How many crownings do they need over there? Lol! At least our hotel is really nice. They have their own shopping center, and it's in downtown Durango near everything, and best thing is they have internet in all the rooms! So I guess I'll be blogging while there.

Sunday is Chus's 1st birthday (and my sister's 41st incidently) so I am not sure what we'll do. I wanted to get all my friends w/ dogs over but I think I'll just get him a doggy cake, and maybe take him to the dog park or something. I'm sure he'll have a blast.

Ok not much else to say for now. Today's song of the day is by one of my fave acts from Spain (what's with me and Spanish artists??). They are kinda not really that known, but I love them. The vocalist totally sounds like she's gone to the Ana Torroja school of singing (she's an obvious influence), but check out this song by Flores's hot! Quiero verte danzar.


Rata de dos patas said...

Hey Bomi... cuidado con los alacranes en Durango!!.. speaking of the Ana Torroja School of Singing, check out Federico Aubelle's 'Ante Tus Ojos' or 'Un Lugar' The singer is awesome!!.. (I'll send them to you if you show me how)...

Take care and Happy B-day to Chus!.

hugo said...

hi bomi! amo tu foto con alsaka!!! me muero de celos y por ello te asesinare cuando llegues a durango.

saludines. tu ratita de dos patas es muy simpatico. hope he comes down to visit sometime. maybe i should make it to chicago. yes, that would be cool. cheerio

hugo said...

no has leido mi comment para ti en comico magico musical, about having seen alaska in a hotel here last week. vino a presentar el blackberry absolut. kinda cool.

Ki!MEY music said...

Hello Bomitoni!
Gracias por apoyar a Meyra Cordova, ahora con algo nuevo y mas rockero llamado KiMEY. Esperamos estar pronto en el mercado, esperamos que lo apoyes y lo disfrutes igual que el electronico!
Buena onda para ti por el apoyo!
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