Thursday, October 07, 2004

bloody mary

So last night I found out that Minnie Driver's album came out. So being the sucker that I am for actors who sing, I went to the itunes music store (this is great for previewing music, which is basically what i do w/ it because i have to have the physical cd not just a download) and sampled Minnie's debut. Needless to say I liked what I heard and today I purchased her debut album Everything I've Got In My Pocket. It's excellent! She's got a great voice, very smokey. Turns out she actually started in music and was in a jazz band whose deal fell through, then was gonna sign a solo deal w/ EMI (I think) but her film Circle of Friends took off and her music career was left in the wayside. I'm glad she's finally recorded. Better yet her tour starts off here in Chicago. We plan on seeing her at the Double Door October 26. While at Tower I also picked up (finally!!!!) season 3 of Strangers With Candy. Last Friday when we were at Tower it was sold out, and last night while purchasing Aladin on DVD for Rob they had none left at Circuit City either. So today I found it for quite a steal at $19.99!

Ok, I have to share a gross story w/ you all. As I was rushing to the train yesterday I stopped by the bathroom near where the old receptionist station was. It's a one-holer. So I go in and relieve myself when I notice something floating in the bowl, it was a used tampon that someone tried flushing down the toielt! Eeeew!!! So of course I try to flush it down the toilet...and it didn't go down. There is a waste basket clearly marked for sanitary napkin disposal. I did not need to see the remnants of some mystery coworker's cooch! With that said, I must get back to work.

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