Monday, October 11, 2004

Weekend update

Feels like I have not updated in ages. It's been busy. Our nightmare of a project is over at work. Friday night our new boss took us out for drinks to thank us. It was really nice. I have a feeling I'm gonna like him. As for the rest of the weekend...

Friday: like I mentioned already, drinks after work. We stayed in and relaxed. Much needed.

Saturday: I stayed in all day and cleaned the house for our guests. That night Yesenia and her hubby Sylvestre came over. I made my infamous Thai cassarole. Yummy. We drank wine, laughed, watched movies (Bend It Like Beckham, Drop Dead Fred).

Sunday: OMG...don't get me started. We work up early enough and decided to go to Maxwell Street. Little did either of us know, the Chicago marathon was in full force in our neighborhood. It took almost 2 hours to get out of our damn neighborhood! After failed attempts we finally ended up at the Mega Mall in Logan Square. How trashy, I know, but we really wanted to scavenger for old cd's. I did find one Angeles Ochoa cd I was looking for. Rob found some weird joystick thing from China that has 7,000 old Nintendo games. He's in heaven. I also found a bootleg DVD of the Mexican film Ladies' Night. We shall view it tonight. I made sure and watch Desperate Housewives last night. All was well.

I wish I had some cool photos to post from the weekend, but alas I don't. Instead here's one of Christina Aguilera who is the spokesperon for Declare Your Vote. This election is really important, it's nice to see Ms. Aguilera urging young people especially, to vote. Plus I just love the photo, it's gorgeous!

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