Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Ma Mer: CRAP! This movie was horrible. It was soooooooo long, went nowhere, and was just sick (and I'm not talking trashy fun sick; just sick sick). The film just kept going on and on. The ending was stupid and abrupt. I won't go into details just in case anyone plans on seeing it. Louis Garrel was hot, so I guess that was the one good thing (and the yummy hotdogs we ate before...we was hungry!). But it was so not worth what we paid for it. The one good thing of the night was we went to Reckless Records before and went through their cheapie LPs. We found so many that we are gonna frame! Cyndi Lauper, Belinda Carlisle, Transvision Vamp, Eurythmics, Gloria Estefan and best of all VANITY 6! Since we were both so dissapointed w/ the movie and Rob felt bad I had spent so much on tickets he suggested we stop at Tower cause he wanted to buy me a cd. Aww! EMI Latin has this line out called Viva la diva. They just released one of Italian singer Mina. It contains 18 of her Spanish language recordings. I'm loving it!

I have to go to a stupid OSX traning in an hour. I've had my ibook for over a year, you'd think I know how to use OSx by now. My company is retarded. I have to clean our house again cause we are probably having company Saturday. Will write later.


rob said...

hey there!
thanks for the comment on my blog (and you have my link on your blog, too! you're a doll). i looooove danielle brisboi! i didn't think anyone else knew of her! i listened to that CD until it almost wore down.

can i put your link on my blog?
by the way, bobby cannavale is mfh (my future husband).

bomitoni said...

sure u can. are u rob as in *emptybeach?? if so i'm joe remember i wrote to u about tricia leigh fischer :) omg i LOOOOOOOOVE danielle brisebois. an underappreciated singer if there ever was one. and of course u can link to my blog :)

bomitoni said...

btw i STILL listen to ARRIVE ALLOVER YOU on a regular's definitely withstood the test of time