Friday, October 01, 2004

Everyone else has why can't I?

100 things about me:

1. I was born on January 11, 1977

2. I am in love

3. My boyfriend's name is Roberto

4. I call him Rob

5. I love Indian food

6. I hate my job

7. I wore braces for 6 years

8. I had to relearn Spanish when I was 15

9. I have never thrown up from drinking

10. Peanut butter gives me gas...real bad

11. I had a Debbie Gibson birthday cake when I was 11

12. I have two older sisters

13. Heathers is my all-time fave movie

14. I probably own close to 2,000 cd's

15. I have a crush on Mark Ruffalo

16. I also have a crush on Alejandro Fernández

17. Dannii is better than Kylie

18. I have no idea what time I was born

19. Alaska is a goddess

20. I am a Capricorn

21. I love XXX female rappers; especially Choice

22. I am from Milwaukee, WI

23. I think tatoos are tacky

24. Therefore I have none

25. I have a slew of faghags

26. I have a BFA in Communication Design

27. I have known my best friend for 8 years

28. I lived in Mexico as a child briefly

29. I have never been to NYC

30. I have been to Europe 4 times before the age of 23

31. I am in debt

32. I hate white bread

33. I met my BF at a Tiffany concert last year (May 2003)

34. I suck at math

35. I could microwave a hotdog at age 3

36. I refuse to wear white

37. I love the word pussy

38. I laugh when people fall down

39. I drunk dial

40. Absolutely Fabulous is my all-time fave TV show

41. I moved to Chicago in August of 1999

42. My first crush was Lynda Carter

43. My first gay crush was Jordan Knight

44. I can not do a summersalt to save my life

45. I need to lose weight

46. I can't balance my check book

47. My job title is Art Director

48. I played w/ Barbies as a child

49. I still like to play w/ Barbies every now and then

50. I went to Catholic school

51. I have performed in drag more than once

52. I hated high school

53. I like to paint

54. I am a frustrated interior designer

55. I love British accents

56. Pedro Almodóvar is a genious

57. I am a Mac guy (as in computers)

58. My middle name is Héctor

59. I love trashy music

60. Sometimes I think I am stuck in the 80's

61. Fall is the best season

62. I love to cook

63. I still don't have a dog

64. I cry easily

66. the Misfits were better than the Holograms

67. I have a dirty mind

68. I am afraid of birds

69. I own too many shoes

70. I worked at Chuck-E-Cheese as a teen briefly

71. I want to learn to speak French & Italian

72. I like to drink

73. I hate summer

74. Halloween is my fave holiday

75. The first time I saw a Frida Kahlo painting in person I cried

76. I have the most amazing group of friends

77. I am social butterfly

78. I love to dance all night

79. I think Middle Eastern men are hot

80. I have a Hello Kitty toaster

81. I am addicted to HGTV

82. I am addicted to reading people's blogs

83. I wear glasses even though I don't have to

84. I never went to my prom

85. I did however go to my friend Glennys's prom when I was 22

86. Gay Porn rocks

87. I used to play the Ouija board

88. I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch

89. I used to wear shoes w/ 3"-7" platforms

90. I hate Bachata

91. My favorite Timbiriche is Bibi Gaytán

92. Muchachitas was my fave soap ever

93. I believe in ghosts

94. I am pro-choice

95. Sometimes I think I have ADD

96. Did I mention I hate my job?

97. My favorite bar in the world is Bryant's in Milwaukee

98. I love to sing loud in the car by myself especially to Mónica Naranjo

99. My only regret in life is not studying abroad

100. Ely Guerra is the most amazing person I have seen live


G. Carolina said...

so are we supposed to cut/paste and fill in?

espelina said...

So I'm reading through your list thinking, "I like this guy more and more. We have stuff in common, etc." But then I get to #92 and I think that it pretty much sealed the deal. You are truly outrageous.

bomitoni said...

glennys....u can post your own on your blog. i got the idea from someone i figured i'd share the love. my dear are also truly outrageous. and yes muchachitas rocked! elena was my fave! i have a soft spot for the feisty nice to see ya around again :)

have a good weekend everyone! i am only here a 1/2 day...gotta head on out to mootown...

espelina said...

you can't possibly be for real. Elena was my favorite too! I couldn't agree more, I ♥ feisty nacas too. Especially when the queen of all nacas, Laura Leon plays their mom.

bomitoni said...

laura leon is the queen bee of nacas! she's passing her throne on to thalía slowing but surely. and yes i am for real :)

G. Carolina said...

Donde andas guey? Update ur blog...I miss u!

bomitoni said...

I did! I did!

Vertigos said...


I love ur's so cute!! :)

Muchachitas was the best novela!!...they have this channel on my cable system, that they only play novelas, and muchachitas is on!! they play it like 5 times a day!! I watch it all the time!! :)

love, me :)

bomitoni said...

omg i am moving to DR! dude! i am so glad to see u finally posted on my blog. i feel so priveliged :) love ya!

Bellyflutters said... I will jump in the bandwagon be a copy cat & do a 100 list - except it's gonna take a while - I have to be in a better mood to do that... but I love the idea. I should also catch up to trent's blog - since I'm going to London soon! Ay gente.. por que Miguel Bose no viene a visitarme..?? My boss & I were talking yesterday about how it'd be great to have somebody like that available for something, anything, sometimes.. you know? And then she said she'd be willing to pay.. and we cracked up. Who wouldn't!?! M.

bomitoni said...

where is your list?