Friday, October 22, 2004

I sent it!

After driving myself crazy trying to get my portfolio in a digital format, I finally sent it off this morning. I'm really excited about the prospect, so I'm hoping something good comes out of this. No the waiting. Ok everyone pray (or whatever you do) that I get an interview and the job! Lol. OMG, did anyone of you watch the VMA's (MTV Latino América) last night? They were horrible! First of all the show opened w/ really cheesy covers of hip hop hits in English. La Ley did "Hey Yeah!" (actually JD Natasha's version is a lot of fun), Julieta Venegas did "Hey Mama" by BEP (though she changed it to "Hey Papi"). It was just bad. Paulina Rubio tried too hard as a host. My biggest complaint of the night? Tizzano Ferro. I can't stand him as it is, but he was absolutely God awful singing live. Probably worse than Paulina Rubio, seriously! I know Meiver is gonna kill me but I totally think he is the new Eros Ramazzotti (just as nasaly and tone deaf). Sorry love. Anyhoo...I have a shitload of work to catch up on because I have been focusing all my time on getting my book together. So I must go. Have a great weekend everyone.

U P D A T E: They want me to come in next week and interview!!!


Vertigos said...


Good luck!! I am crossing my fingers and praying for u already! :)


bomitoni said...

thanks dude :) i'm hoping it goes well. i've gotten this far so quickly! i don't even care that the job is in the burbs!