Thursday, June 23, 2005

8 o'clock

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I posted the pics from Eddie's going away on flickr. I think I am becoming addicted to it. Thanks twin. Enjoy the pics. Hope this link works.

Not much is really going on. Work is sooooo slow right now. I guess I can't complain. Calm before the storm as they say. Since I've been so bored I've been checking out other's links from their blogs. My twin blogger (wow 2 shoutouts in one post!) had this link and I am obsessed with it! Basically people send in postcards annonymously and reveal a secret. They create their own postcard (that's where the creative part comes in). I so want to do this!

Since so many of you were telling me how much you liked my apartment, I am gonna try and put my wannabe interior design skills to use! My friend at work is having me come over to her condo and give her advice on what colors to paint her place. Fun! I live for shit like this!



cindylu said...

flickr is crack. stop while you can! sal si puedes!

bomitoni said...

I think I've already been sucken in too far!!!!

espelina said...

welcome to the dark side! heh.

espelina said...

I am obsessed with PostSecret!! You better believe I'm on there every Sunday to see the new ones. I don't have a crazy secret to send in, maybe I'll make one up and see if it gets on there....hahaha