Tuesday, June 07, 2005


When I wrote last Thursday, I had mentioned that Chus was home w/ us. Well something told me to stay home with him on Friday. Glad I did. His condition did not get any better, and I had to take him back to vet that same day. After much speculation the vet told me that I would most likely have to take him to clinic out in the burbs. She was recommended that he would have to have a surgery that would involve enlarging his uretha (scary!!). After spending $$ of money at the vet, which I will no longer take him to anymore, we took Monday off (well I did) and drove out to the burbs to a special clinic. There they took an ultrasound, and the vet was speculating that it could be his liver. Turns out he was right. The Dr. said that a blood vessel was not going through the liver and around it, therefore his bladder was filling up w/ blood. Yesterday they performed surgery on him and I have spoken w/ the Vet several times and Chus is doing wonderful! My poor baby! He's gone through so much and has been such a tropper through all of this. Hopefully tomorrow we can bring him home, granted that he is able to pee w/ out his catheter. I can't even begin to explain the stress and anguish we went through. It was the worst feeling in the world not knowing what was wrong w/ him nor that we couldn't do anything to make him better. He has to stay at the ICU where he will be undergoing constant care. For those of you with pets (Glennys), I highly recommend you looking into CareCredit®. It's a wonderful option as vet bills can be very expensive, and unfortunately you usually have to pay up front 9 times out of 10. With their help we are able to pay for Chus's surgery :) Again thanks to everyone for all ur kind words. I'll post more later on. Hope you're all well.

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