Wednesday, June 22, 2005


First of all I am tired, and cranky. Last night's going away for my Milwaukee Sister was a hoot! I made spaghetti and meatballs and spinich salad (and Jorgillo helped). Yummy. It was delicious. Plus we were all fuckin' starving. Anyhoo...after two bottles of wine it was time to go to bed as I had to take Sista M to Midway at 5:30 am! best bring me back my Iris Chacón cd's! LOL! And that hot new cute boy singer! Not sure if you'll be reading this while you are in PR but just in case, have a blast! But I am sure you are too busy gawking at Ricky Martín and Charlie Massó look-alikes...or dancing at Re-GAY-tón night! Ha ha ha! I took pics but I will post them later.

Things are super slow at work right now, with that being said, it's making it really hard to get through the day. I can only surf the net so much. Good new though. Today is the day Chus gets his stitches out! Yay! Now he can have a bath. We have not been able to bathe him because of the stitches. I am sure he's thrilled though. He has to be clean for our little side trip. We are visiting Grandma Friday night and Saturday during the day. Don't worry I'll be home early enough Sat. to veg before my day of drinking and drunken stupidness (aka Gay Pride).

Being that I am so bored I took this little quiz. Take it. Amuse me.

Which "Saved By The Bell" Character Are You?

Only difference between me and her is that I don't star on daytime soaps now. Mokay! That's all for now.



espelina said...

I'm Zack!? I kind of wish I'd gotten Jessie... hahaha

bomitoni said...

Can I be in your version of Zack AttacK???

espelina said...


Vertigos said...

I'm Jessie...gol