Monday, June 20, 2005


Again I stayed in this weekend. Chus is doing soooo much better, and we couldn't be more thrilled! Anyhoo I was on house arrest again, watching him. It's ok as it gives me lots of time to get things done around the house, mainly clean, etc. A friend was to have come over...but I got stood up AGAIN. 2 times now. Sorry, enough is enough as Ms. Donna Summer would say.

So this weekend was the Puerto Rican parade/festival/whatever it's called. Damn I have never heard so many ghetto blasters blaring Reggaetón in my life! But I have a stupid question? Why does every Puerto Rican guy in my neighborhood have that awful Daddy Yankee hairdo?? You know the one I'm talking looks like someone licked his head, like a bad ceaser haircut. LOL. To further iterate my rambling, check out the above picture of Mr. Yankee. BTW when are they gonna stop plucking their eyebrows!!! Enough already!! Hope I'm not offending anyone (Sista M)...but damn! As they say...Gay or Puerto Rican? LOL!

So the other thing I did this weekend was watch season 4 of Queer as Folk. It's such an awful show, but whatever I find it to be a guilty pleasure if you will. What I did watch though (and loved to bits) was season 1 of Reno 911...holy hilarious! OMG...I loved it! An old freelancer here at work told me that it would be right up my alley as it's pretty out there. She was right! Can't wait to see the other seasons.

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So I recently ordered some CDs from a CD collector in Mexico City. I was looking for an out-of-print Alejandra Avalos CD and out of curiosity I asked the guy if he happened to have a CD by ex-Locomía Frances Picas. Well I nearly wet myself when he told me he did. Needless to say I almost died when my package arrived last Friday. Holy shit! I've been looking for his CD since 1994! It fuckin' rocks! So since I am sure there are other Locomía whores out there (Patty and crew) I present today's song of the day: LOCOS POR AMOR by Frances Picas. This was his one hit in Mexico (not sure about the rest of the Spanish speaking world). Anyhoo enjoy! The funny thing is this was the very first song I downloaded (and looked for) when I first got Napster years ago. Enough rambling...enjoy the song everyone!


Chicago_Sexbox said...

Sista M, you know I am a big sell out and totally agree about the "gay or puerto rican" phenomenom. Why aren't there more Puerto Rican men in Chicago that look like Ricky Martin, Luis FOnsi, or Chayanne? The 'gay thug-a-lug' look is so not my thing, lol. But then again, if the guy has a hot body perhaps I can get past the bad hair cut and eyeborws, oh no!

bomitoni said...

I hear ya Sista M. But you know what's even worse than the Daddy Yankees?? The ones who shave off part of their hairline to make their forehead bigger...eeew!

Vertigos said...

I like Daddy Yankee!! He's hot too! :)

Frances Picas! I'm so excited...u must burn for me..dude, u owe me like tons of cds...u better start paying! gol

espelina said...

"As they say...Gay or Puerto Rican?" Double LOL

Reno 911 - Love it!

MatadorMexicano said...

whats worse is when they corn row their hair! thats hella nasty!

... i still need to send you and rob your new york shirts :(

bomitoni said...

dude...u like daddy yankee...gol!

mm...yes we want our tshirts!

twin blogger...u rock! lunch friday?

espelina said...

YOu're on!

Vertigos said...

A ella le gusta la gasolina...dale mas gasolina!! :)

(Yeah, I can be ghetto! gol!)