Wednesday, June 15, 2005


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So as I mentioned yesterday was Alaska's bday, so I listend to lots and lots of her music. I was bored and took a picture of my Alaska CD Wall. What a dork, I know! Amuse me. Since it's been forever since I posted a song for you all I'm sharing a cool cover that Fangoria did w/ Victor Coyote. It's a cover of Gloria Trevi's Amor apache!!! It's wicked. Here it is!

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So remember how I was going on and on about this hot new actor, Juan Vidal in that bad Mexican movie Desnudos? Well I obtained some hunky pics of him from the movie and just had to share w/ you all. Enjoy!

I have a huge announcement to make. For those of you who read my blog regularly (humor me I know someone must!)...I am sure you have seen me utter the words Milwaukee Sister on many an occasion. Well the fiercest bitch I know has decided it's time he start his own blog! Oh no! I can't wait! You have all been warned, starting July 1st my Hermana de Milwaukee will have his own fierce blog! So in anticipation, I've created this little coming attraction for you all. Remember: bookmark it now...Chicago Sexbox!!! Time to change my Cotex Sista M!

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Rata de dos patas said...

Bomi, is there a way you can post "Mas que una Bendicion" de Fangoria??.. I f**cking love that song and its not in the CD I got on Amazon...

Looking forward to read MS's blog!!..

Take care


bomitoni said...

it's on NATURALEZA MUERTA. i will rip it later and send it to you :)

Chicago_Sexbox said...

omigod, Sista M, during which drunken moment did you get that picture from???? lol

bomitoni said...

that was from the SayHey Chicago meet when we went to Roscoe's and got shitfaced!

Bellyflutters said...

I should do a Cerati / Bose / Paez wall. That is the biggest expression of fandom I've seen next to Patri's Beto shrine in RI!!
I'm glad Chus is well - let's hope Dali gets well soon, you mothers and your babies! So cute!
Thanks for the pics of the hotties.
I will have pics in my blog from Pride Boston - that I took thinking of you.

bomitoni said...

u haven't even seen what i have above my bed! it's this huge fangoria poster that i got from spain in a black frame. i'll take a pic just for u :P

chus is doing sooo much better :)

oooh can't wait to see ur pride pics.

Vertigos said...

How funny are we? No wonder we all get along! lol

G. Carolina said...