Monday, June 13, 2005


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With all that's been going on I totally forgot that it's been a year already that I started blogging! I started doing this just for fun, and it's turned into a bit of an addiction. Just spewing out my random thoughts, ranting when needed, meeting new people (like my twin), reading all of your blogs (which has become a daily routine for me). Thanks for all of you who actually read this, and don't make too much fun of me! LOL!

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I was on Chus duty all weekend :) He's doing so much better! He's getting back to his normal old self, a spoiled brat! But I wouldn't have it any other way. He should have his stitches out next week. Let's hope this week goes fast as I am sure he doesn't want to wear that damn lamp shade anymore (actually it's an e-collar...but it sure as hell looks like one.

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Why are all men from Chile so fuckin hot?? One of my crushes is back on some new novela on Univision. I have no idea when it's on...but damn is he hot! BTW his name is Christian de la Fuente. Grrr!

So since Rob has started working part-time on the weekends I am so bored! I guess I am not used to having all this time to myself, I don't know what to do with it! I cleaned the house, I organized the pantry. I watched a gazillion movies. Anyhoo I hate to bore you all w/ my boring weekend (I know they are usually more exciting). So I won't continue anymore. Til we meet again.


espelina said...

yay, I'm the first to wish you a happy blog birthday!

Vertigos said...


Remember how i used to tease u 'cause u were always cleaning...gol

Hey I see u got the new Shakira is it?