Thursday, September 30, 2004

i'm addicted

I am addicted to reading my friend's blogs/journals/etc. Even strangers'! Every morning the first thing I do when I sit down here at work is check them out. What's overcome me? My favorite to read is Pink is the New Blog. It's created by Trent and he's a sweetie and fellow sayheyer!. I think it's more fun to read the ongoing adventures of those I don't know in person. I guess it's the voyuer in me. Lol. I always follow his blog by reading my friends'. I'll read people who have left comments as well. It's like a new drug. I have to admit the first time I even heard of web journal, etc. was when I was looking for some info on actress (and singer) Tricia Leigh Fischer and came across a journal which was named after her obscure song Empty Beach. So check it out and see what kinda gave me the inkling to start my own: *embtybeach.

Onto other topics, this weekend will be my first w/out my boo boo. I have to go to Milwaukee to help out w/ the show my parents are putting on. It's a tribute to Mexican composer Agustín Lara. I'm hoping they have a good turnout. Personally I think my Dad has these foofy (is that how you spell that word??) ideas that aren't always gonna be appreciated in a city like Milwaukee. Hell I don't know if it would even go over in Chicago. Since I am gonna be running around doing errands from Mums and Daddy, I told Rob it's probably best if he didn't come cause I will not be able to give him my 100% that he so rightfully deserves. Plus I think it will do us some good to be apart for a few days. It will be torture but I am sure he probably needs some time to himself as do I. Even if we don't think so.

Have you guys heard of a new singer Betzaida? She is this new singer who records on Fonovisa. Turns out she used to sing at Lalo's Mexican Restaurant here in Chicago. Not even the good one, the ghetto one on Harlem. Anyhoo...I remember thinking she is really pretty and has great presence. I bet that fag who used to sing w/ her is jealous. The reason I am bringing her up is because this morning I saw the video for her first single Te tengo que aprender a olvidar. I am sitting there thinking, God this song sounds awfully familiar...OMG this song was on Mía's album! So I am checking out the tracklisting on amazon and it turns out Rudy Pérez produced her album, just like Mía's, and recycled four songs from Mía's album on Betzaida's! Talk about lazy. For those of you who don't know Mía, she previously recorded in the late 80's as a teen singer named Ana. Ana was pretty much a no-hit wonder and it was to my delight that I discovered she was recording years later in the latin pop arena. She has got a killer voice! Big, deep, and loud. Rob thinks she sounds like Toni Braxton. I can hear it. Enough rambling.

If you notice there is a picture of a plate of spaghetti. I am planning on making spaghetti tonight for dinner. I have been so busy working on my parents show and work, I have not cooked in weeks! So I promised Rob I was gonna cook for him tonight :)

Song of the day: Te tengo que aprender a olvidar-Mía


G. Carolina said...

I love Trents blog. I was bored at work one day and I started browsing through the blogs linked to yours. OMG! you friend in the UK is hilarious and I really like trents cause I can just go straight to his blog to get my daily dose of trashy celebrity gossip. You are not the only one with this addiction babe....forget outlook when i get to work. I check blogs- much more colorful, entertaining and relevant. With that said..I am cooking lemme go tend to my chores. LOVE U!

bomitoni said...

what did you cook? the spaghetti came out excellent if i do say so myself. we finished all of it! usually we'll have leftovers. me siento tan gordo hoy. lol. yeah isn't tren't blog the best?'s so much fun. i need to read more of "high camp's" blog. i am glad to see that we have the same addiction. i also highly enjoy meiver's...she leads such an exciting life. performing, travelling, etc. talk to u later mama...

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