Wednesday, August 11, 2004

5 years you say?

5 years ago this past monday i moved to chicago and started my first post-graduate job. 5 years later i am still here. love chicago. hate the job. can't have it all i guess, huh? so what have i learned in the past 5 years? a lot. moving to chicago was such an awakening for me. i guess i kinda lived a somewhat sheltered life in milwaukee. moving here to the big city was such an exciting experience for me. i was finally on my own. really on my own.

i love chicago. i'm glad i picked this crazy city to start my life in. i've met so many wonderful people since moving here. i could name you all but it would take too long. you know who you are (i.e. lifers, milwaukee sister, etc.)! i've done so many crazy things (mostly w/ the crazy people i met). i've lived on the north side. i've lived on the south side. i just feel like i've lived so much more than i ever did in milwaukee. but most importantly i met the love of my life. of all places, at a tiffany concert. rob i love u and i couldn't imagine being any happier than i am right now :)

now as for the job. well i must admit that working w/ the same client can be very monotonous, but the people are incredible. what's next you may ask? hopefully a new job and a "child" or two for rob and i. january will be here sooner than we think. then we can finally buy a dog (or two) :)

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