Monday, August 16, 2004

cream puffs.

yesterday my boyfriend rob and i celebrated our 1 year anniversary. a whole year? i've already told him how i felt, so i'll spare you all the sappy details. january's almost here boo boo! so, friday was the infamous alejandra guzmán concert. i had a blast. rob. well he said he enjoyed it, but she isn't really exactly his cup of tea. see what you do for love? lol. anyhoo i thought she was great. she looked hot, totally buff. she did a lot of older songs that she hasn't done in a while. verano peligroso, la plaga, pasa la vida, toda la mitad, etc. she also did the english version of lipstick. what fun that night was!

so i was talking w/ my cousin mari this weekend and she mentioned that the wisconsin state fair was going on. hence the title of this entry, cream puffs. i remember as a kid we had to wake up at the ass crack of dawn so we could be at the fair grounds (in west allis, the armpit of milwaukee) by 6am. how i miss those cream puffs. that followed by pancakes w/ grandpa, corn on the cob, animal villages, mexican puppets, infomercial crap my mother would buy, and just being w/ family. it was fun. the last time i went was around 1998. i went w/ my friend from grade school gloria. we went to see culture club, human league and howard jones. who would have thought boy george would be playing a state fair? let alone wisconsin!

anyhoo, i must call my friend bertha as it's her bday today. so everyone, wish bertha a happy birthday! but before i do. time for song of the day. today's choice is the über trash funk fest that is if a girl answers (don't hang up) by vanity 6. this song features vanity infamous call to a hilarious prince pretending to be the girl on the other line. it's basically the two attacking one another until white trash queen brenda gets on the phone to tell her (prince) off! loves it!


G. Carolina said...

Dude! I've been thinking about you so much these days...I guess since I went to see The Cure and it all just made me think of you and Alethya (is that how you spell her name). I read your blog daily...instead of really earning the 13.50 I get paid, I choose to send emails, sample music, check out ppls blogs, refresh the cnn page every 5 minutes...etc etc etc....the same any entry-level position worker would be doing, so i don't feel bad. Anywho, I just celebrated a year living with my babe too! Yes....the things we do for love. So many. But I am happy....and you sound like it too. Besides the whole job situation (I know you are in the same predicament) is good.

Bellyflutters said...

Congrats Joey & Rob on your 1er añito - how cute!
Congrats Glennys & Micky too!
Tengo para contarles that I went to see Alejandra at BBKings this weekend and she was a blast. She BODY SURFED, STRIPPED, CRYED. En fin. Completamente loca. Love her. I will have some beautiful shots of her hot nearly naked body to share pretty soon. Left me feeling like I need to go to the gym...
And that song lipstick - it's so chicheish and tacky, but it's kinda catchy too... I don't know whether to completely hate it or not...

bomitoni said...

glennys...yes i watched jem. my god i watched it everyday! i loved it! and i wonder why i ended up gay?? lol. the misfits!!! they were the best. i have all of the dolls in my bathroom :) fyi they were pizazz (green hair), roxy (white hair) and stormer (blue hair).

meiver...ale is the sh*t!! she didn't body surf @ our show, but then again it was at a huge venue and the stage was really elavated for some odd reason. 'lipstick' is trashy as hell...but that's its charm. especially the taqui taqui english version. "i'm gonna put my lipstick on you...."

love to u both. thanks for always commenting on my entries :)