Wednesday, August 11, 2004

se me olvidó...

i almost forgot to add a song of the day! today's song is entre tus piernas by miguel islas. miguel is the former lead singer for ragazzi and el círculo. i had no idea he was going solo. while in mexico city in may i picked up his solo debut. great album. in typical gay fashion, i am not really big on male singers. but i've always loved miguel's voice, especially during ragazzi (before they got all new members and went all teen pop). anyhoo his debut is really good and was produced by loris ceroni (natalia lafourcade, daniela romo, ov7). this song was the standout for me. the title alone won me over! it's very romantic and really showcases miguel's new sound. not sure if this album is getting a US release, if you can track down a mexican import, do so. it really is a good album w/ nice pop/rock music and great vocals courtesy of mr. islas.

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