Wednesday, August 25, 2004

in other news...

still looking for a new job. anyone see any hot art director positions in chicago send 'em my way! i check craigslist on a daily basis...but nothing yet. oh well. i've been thinking about the end of the year because our lease is up. so we'll be moving. so we must start saving up for it now.

i got some disturbing news the other day. my good friend paloma's husband justin is being sent to iraq for 18 months. he will be leaving on september 12 i believe. this is horrible. paloma is just about to graduate from the police academy and now justin is leaving. what's even worse is their daughter natalie. she is my god daughter, so that makes justin and paloma my compadres (even though paloma and i were comadres long long ago). i just feel so bad that she is gonna be w/out her dad for so long. stupid bush. i promise to not let my political feelings run amuck when i see them in two weeks. they are in my prayers.

in some more lighthearted news, one of my divas, tiffany has gotten remarried. she is now going to be living in the UK w/ her new hubby (he's british). apparently rumours have been that tiffany will be recording a more dance oriented album. don't get me wrong i love dance music but i was so hoping she'd take what she'd done on the color of silence to a new level. that album was simply amazing. i was hoping to post a photo for you all, but i'm having a hard time finding one. in the meantime you can read about her nuptuals here.

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