Friday, August 20, 2004

pam et ben

so i rented ma vie en rose so rob could finally see it. i love this movie. if you don't know what it's about here's a brief synopsis. ludovic is a young boy whose one wish in life is to be a girl. he thinks god made a mistake. one of his y chromosomes was lost. as a little boy i often felt like i should have been a girl. i even went as far as to say that one half of me was boy and the other girl. and people wonder why i turned out gay? lol. anyhoo, this movie is just wondeful. i identified w/ him so much. i have not seen this movie in about 5 years so it was great to discover this gem all over again. i especially loved ludo's obsession w/ the doll pam. when he watches her show and does all the dance moves and sings along...i saw myself as an 8 year old singing and dancing along to (not only madonna) but jem and the holograms.

tomorrow is the cyndi lauper concert @ the rosemont theater. woo hoo! this will be my fourth time seeing ms. lauper and my third in less than a year. if you have never seen her, i highly advise you do. she simply is one of the most amazing live performers i've ever seen. at 50 she has so much energy and spunk. and that voice! my god that voice! anyhoo we have 4th row!! gotta love ebay.

work has been driving me crazy. i've been here late so many nights this week. today i came in at 7:30am. ok i am usually just getting up at that hour. so i'm leaving @ 3. don't care what anyone says. i have to go home and freshen up for our sangría throwdown tonight. my poor cousin doesn't know what she's in for. aside from all the chaos at work, i think i found a job i really want! i applied for it. don't want to give too much away as i don't want to jinx myself. but i think i'm perfect for it! cross your fingers everyone!

all right. we need a song of the day. hmmm. since i am on a holly valance kick i'll go w/ her. holly is a gorgeous australian pop singer who came from the same soap, neighbors, that spawned kylie minogue and natalie imbruglia. her sophmore release state of mind is an electro-pop wet dream. drenched in 80's beats and holly's purring vocals: it's hot! it's a shame it's flopped. so my pick for today is what was to be the second single, desire.


Bellyflutters said...

I will take that as a recommended movie by Joey & rent it.
love French movies, send more my way.

TRENT said...

Holly's album is DIVINE! I think I shall listen to it now :)