Friday, August 20, 2004

(we want) the same thing

i knew there was a reason why i loved belinda carlisle. i just read an interview she recently did in the UK. when asked what she thought about ever moving back to the states (she's lived in france for the past 11 years) she replied:

I have no desire to live in the States again. I'm embarrassed by America and some of its policies over the last few years with Iraq. Living in Europe you get a real global sense of the world, but when you're in America you have no idea what is going on in the real world. I'm glad to be away from there. I feel much more European and I'm glad my son can grow up to speak French, Spanish and English. We're very lucky.

amen sister! not only do i agree w/ what she's said about the war, but the whole fact that americans are so self-absorbed. god forbid someone speak more than one language. if i won the lottery tomorrow i'd move me and the hubby to europe (preferably spain) and forgot all about this so called country i live in. god bless the go-go's indeed.

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Bellyflutters said...

had no idea Belinda was so cool - I only thought she was cute, dumb and passé - somebody speaking their mind - what a pleasant surprise.