Friday, August 13, 2004

dos horas demoré en maquillarme así...

tonight is the alejandra guzmán!!! i'm so excited. i know i've seen her a bunch of times before, but it's been awhile. plus my boo-boo is an ale virgin. he's not entirely thrilled about going, but too bad i say! ale is the sh*t! plus she's so much fun live. i can't wait. in her honor i'm gonna recommend a song for today. so let's go retro ale today (so it's not entirely like yesterday). so why not un grito en la noche from her debut album. ale was so cute when she first came out w/ her big poofy miniskirts. anyhoo this is a great song from her early days. here's hoping she does some of these classics. would probably wet myself if she did bye mamá.

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