Tuesday, August 24, 2004

spicy? sweet? hot? sour?

as i mentioned before i picked up the mexican import of the new ely guerra album, sweet & sour, hot y spicy. before i go on, let me tell you all that the cd is getting a US release (again w/ higher octave) on september 21, 2004. you can preorder it on amazon now. i know i could have waited until the US release, but come on it's ely! i have to have it NOW. (i'm sure i'll buy the US edition just to support sales). for those of you who know me, you know how much i love this woman. in fact i've probably turned a lot you onto her.

so how can she top the oh so subtle and beautiful trip hop-tinged lotofire? well in the almost 5 years since it's release, ely has grown a lot and it is quite evident in this new release. she's fallen in love. she's gotten a crazy afro (as you can see in the above picture and on the album cover), she's trying new things musically, vocally, etc.. i've just barely begun to listen to this album properly but already i can hear the growth. one thing i notice on this release off the bat that her past releases didn't have was that she really let's go vocally. if any of you have seen her live you know how intense she can get. none of her albums really showcased this. rather they are very reserved compared to her live wails and yelps. but you get to hear that here.

before i give too much away, also note that this album is basically two mini albums in one. hence the title sweet & sour, hot y spicy. you'll notice one half are more soft, melodic, etc. while the other half is louder and harder. anyhoo i don't want to give away too much. have to leave you something to look forward to. i shall get back to listening to the greatest voice in mexico today.

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