Wednesday, August 18, 2004

free gloria already!

when i was 15 a singer from mexico took my teen years by storm. her name gloria trevi. she was loud, obnoxious, in-your-face, bold, you name it. funny thing is behind all the image there was a killer voice. many people wrote her off as a, oh i don't know, mexican cyndi lauper. someone w/ real talent, whose image unfortunately overshadowed it no matter how great it was. anyhoo she got involved in that scandal w/ her manager, blah blah. i won't bore u all w/ the details. i just wanna know when the hell are they gonna let gloria out of jail?

anyhoo....i am still learning about blogs and the special html they require. granted i am a graphic designer by trade, i just don't really deal w/ web my skills are limited. i know what i want it to look like, i just need someone to do it for me. one of these days. for the mean time i have to use these preformatted templateds blogspot provides us. before i forget, a special thanks to high camp for helping me figure out how the hell to add links, etc. to my sidebar.

in other news i got a hold of my cousin janeth who is visiting from durango (mexico). we are gonna head on down to my favorite tapas bar café ibérico friday night for a sangría overdose! what fun!

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