Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Follow me to América

Rob had been hounding me to make him a mix cd w/ acts who normally record in Spanish, who have recorded English songs. Either original English material or English versions of their Spanish hits. So with what I had in my ipod I made the following mix, Follow me to América (I'm sure many of you can guess what inspired the title). I thought it was funny so I wanted to share it w/ you all. Note that I did not include any singers who were either born and raised (or just raised) in the US. So no India, Soraya, etc. The results are sometimes horrendous (poor Ana Gabriel) to flawless (Tatiana). If you have any other songs to add, please leave suggestions in the comments section. I still have to add something from Shakira. Oh, and no Thalía as I can't stand that biach! Playlist is as follows:

  1. I Can't Live Without You-Tatiana
  2. Lipstick-Alejandra Guzmán
  3. He Gives Me Love (La, La, La)-Massiel
  4. Don't Waste My Time-Lucero
  5. True Devotion-Marta Sánchez
  6. The Uninvited Guest-Mecano
  7. I Believe-Patricia Manterola
  8. A Better Place-Yuri (duet w/ Don Johnson)
  9. Angelito Heart-Ely Guerra
  10. Under the Boardwalk-Ana Gabriel
  11. Surrender-Laura Pausini (ok so she's Italian, big deal! She records in Spanish just as much)
  12. Follow Me Down-Fey
  13. Love For Life-Javier García
  14. Love Maniac-Ambar (70s disco act fronted by María Conchita Alonso)
  15. Mystify-Chenoa
  16. Whatever-Zoé
  17. Redrum-Alaska
  18. I Was Made For Lovin' You-Paulina Rubio
  19. Vaya dónde vaya (English version)-Litzy
  20. If You Leave Me Now-Mónica Naranjo


MatadorMexicano said...

gah! that sounds so cool! i didnt even know that tatiana sang in english! i need to get me an ipod hahaha!

bomitoni said...

Tatiana has 2 songs in English from her 1992 (??) album LEYES DEL CORAZÓN. I belive there is also an English version of her 80s hit Un lobo en la noche.

Bellyflutters said...

That sounds like such a deliciuosly freaky compilation of mediocre songs to have!!!
Will u send it to me, baby???

bomitoni said...

yes mama. once i actually make it! lol