Wednesday, December 01, 2004

¡Por fin llegó!

My Alaska y Dinarama LP from Mexico FINALLY arrived! It's their 1986 album No es pecado and it was released w/ a different cover than Spain. The Spanish one has Alaska licking a chainsaw wearing a metalic bikini and jacket. Hot! I won it on ebay and I've been waiting over a month for it. For those of you new to my blog, it was named in her (Alaska's) honor. Bomitoni is the name of the musical group she leads in Pedro Almodóvar's debut Pepi, Luci, Bom... (one of my ALL-TIME faves). Quiero ser santa is my favorite Alaska song of all-time! It's from their 1989 album Fan Fatal (which was also the final Alaska y Dinarama album). Anyhoo I had to share my joy with you all. This is going to be framed and up on our Diva wall in our new place!

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leonlorente said...

OMG! I was looking for a high-res image of this cover for my mp3s, I love this cover! I had this album when I was a kid, I used to bring it with me when my mom left me to visit an old and solitary aunt. She looked like Queen Elizabeth I and would ask me with her granny voice "vas a querer oir Rock n Roll?" hehe!
I haven't been able to find all the mp3's of this album, but I really loved it.