Wednesday, December 01, 2004

World Aids Day

Today is World Aids Day. We must find a cure. It saddens me that our president would rather play war than find a cure for Aids. The above picture is of the lovely Dannii Minogue (yes she's Kylie's sister, but isn't she much hotter?).

I was going to title this post I Hate Summer and talk about how beautiful it was outside, the first light snowfall, etc. But I think the above takes priority. I have to get back to work and look busy. Ciao.


TRENT said...

Blasphemy! You hate summer?!? I loathe winter!!! We, too, had snow today and I wanted to cry ... I'll take blistering heat over numbing cold any day.


bomitoni said...

i do! i hate the heat, sticky, eeew. i'm a weirdo. i just love the cold, snow, etc. oh well. we can't agree on everything!

rob said...

i think danni's had more face surgery than kylie, no?
still, gotta love them sisters. they keep on keepin on.
'jump to the beat, jump jump to the beat'

MatadorMexicano said...

wow, she looks hot in that pciture..... and i dont think shes all that good looking! damn you and your alaska!!! i only know 3 of her songs, all of which i love!