Wednesday, December 15, 2004


I have to give a special hello to my favorite Greek Slutt (Tsoula) Kelly Doukas! She reads me everyday from Athens, Greece. Lifer I miss you! Come back to Chicago! Ooooooooh. Chocolate Kisses!!!!

I would write more but I am swamped and it's lunch time. I'm a starving!!!!!

Song of the day: Desire-Holly Valance


absolutdoukas said...

ohhhh noooo the word is out! I can not hide anywhere! Lifer I am 8 hours ahead of you! You have to sign in so we can talk immediately when you get to work! NOW! NOW! DO IT NOW! "what'sa tha worst that could happen?"
xoxo choco kisses galore!!!!

bomitoni said...

i will! i will!