Thursday, December 09, 2004

My new crush

Brazilian actor Reynaldo Gianecchini. Isn't he f*ckin' gorgeous? Jesus Christ! He stars on the new Telemundo soap El color del pecado. Can someone pass me a tissue?

22 more days 'til we are finally moved out. This month is gonna drag ass! Keep packing I say. Next weekend is gonna be insane because I'm going to Ikea w/ Yesy, we want to start moving stuff over, my friend Alex is coming to paint, and my Mom and Dad are coming as well to help move and because my mother is DYING to see our new place.

I am still going through Sayhey! withdrawl. It isn't gone forever. Neil, the owner, has stated the forum will be up and running when they feel it is safe to do so again. The funny thing is I joined this forum as a Kylie Minogue fan. Funny thing is now I don't even really like her as much. Ever since I discovered her younger, prettier sister Dannii. Let's face it, Neon Nights shits allover anything Kylie's ever done. They have this amazing Off-topic section full of the bitchiest queens and they know everything, and I do mean everything. So I miss getting my fix. Damn the person who posted the leaked track! It's not even that good. Anyhoo I must sound like the biggest dork so I shall stop for now.

Song of the day: Call On Me-Eric Prydz (why haven't I heard this before??)


Bellyflutters said...

WOA... que delicia...
me dio hambre. Joey - donde encuentras estos hombres? (I guess I need to start watching soaps?)

bomitoni said...

i don't even watch soaps anymore! i just saw his pic online and was like "who the f*ck is that hottie???" lol.