Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Step 2

Now that we actually found our apartment, I have the task of furnishing the new one. I decided it was time to (gladly) part w/ some of my old furnitire. I do mean old. I've had my futon since I was in high school. My 10 year reunion is next year, you do the math people. As I am always on a budget, I am planning a trip to Ikea w/ my friend Yesenia. Should be fun. Now I am stressing out as to what we need vs. what we can afford. I went to look at sofas w/a friend of Rob's, and I like one in particular, but realistically it is gonna have to go on layaway. In my search for a stainless steel top dining room table, I have found a few online like this one but turns out good 'ol Affordable Portables (here in the city) carries one and it's in stock! Better yet, they do layaway. You are probably wondering why the hell I felt the need to talk about this, let alone here, but it's been frustrating me and I needed to vent, think, share, etc. Somewhere inside me is a frustrated Interior Designer. So being the wonderful boyfriend he is, Rob is letting me do whatever i want to this place! That's why I love him so much :)

It's only the 8th, but I know the next few weeks will fly by. Already contacted the phone company & electric co. I just really want to get the hell out of our current place! What really frustrates me is that I know the other place is ready for us to start inhabiting, but we still have so much to do w/ our current place. Also Sayhey! has been shut down because someone leaked an unreleased Kylie Minogue track she collaborated on w/ the Scissor Sisters. What am I supposed to do people?

While trying to get all the furnishing issues resolved, next comes something that we are both looking forward to. Getting a dog! I can't wait :) Rob said I can have the kind I want first, though he really wants a Boston Terrier, so I am making him stick to his word. BTs are adorable,but I like foofy dogs like a Maltese or Shih Zhu. Sorry to talk everyone's ear off, but I felt like writing. Happy reading!

Song of the day: Rock Show by Peaches


MatadorMexicano said...

hahaha, im missing sayhey, lol! i dont have anything to do anymore!!!!

ps,did you get the song? im me if you didnt ;)

bomitoni said...

yes i did get it! eddie sent it to me :)