Monday, December 20, 2004

Mar adentro

Jesus Christ is it cold out! I thought my legs were gonna freeze off this morning when I was waiting for the el. I love it! What a busy weekend?! Friday after work I picked up Yesenia and we made it down to IKEA by 8pm, so we had 2 hours to shop! I am very proud of myself. I had a $300 budget and I only spent half! Can you belive that?? I only went to get an entertainment center & bar stools. I thought I was gonna go over. Below you can see what I actually bought. Instead of buying your run-on-the-mill entertainment center, I decided to try something different. I had been debating this one for a bit from it's photo in the catalog but once we were actually in the store, I knew I had to have it. Isn't it funky? It's like your high school locker or something. I also picked up 2 of these swanky bar stools for our breakfast bar. I had my hot dog from Ikea, all was well.

Saturday we slept in. Decided to go to the movies since I wanted to see the new Javier Bardem film, The Sea Inside or Mar adentro in Spanish. Wow! Javier was simply amazing. The film is based on the true story of a paraplegic man who wants to end his own life, willingly. The story was so moving. I really don't want to give away too much about it, but I highly recommend this film to you all. I smell an Oscar nomination for Mr. Bardem.

Yesterday was hell! After not getting much sleep we had to get up early on a Sunday to start moving stuff into our new place. My parents, bless their souls, came down from Milwaukee to help out. Between my Dad and myself, we loaded about 20+ boxes into our respective cars combined. It was cold as hell, but we did it. My friend Alex came down from Milwaukee as well to paint for us. The living room is now avacado green and the dining room is an orange/red. We love it! Our landlord said it was ok for us to move in, so we are gonna take boxes every night this week (except Wed., more on that in a sec) so we can clear as much as possible out of the old apartment. We basically have 2 weeks to move! I can't stand it!

The day we've been waiting for all year has FINALLY come!!! This Wed. La mala educación/Bad Education opens in Chicago. God damn! It's about time I say! That's all for now. Ta-ta!

Song of the day: To Know Your Name-Lindsay Lohan


MatadorMexicano said...

did youw atch it, did you did you?!

bomitoni said...

it's tonight!!!!