Thursday, December 23, 2004


La mala educación was awesome! Almodóvar outdid himself once again. How does this man keep churning out these wonderful movies? I admit there have been a few duds (Matador, Live Flesh); but otherwise I have to say I am highly impressed w/ his body of work. I am not going to get into details about the plot since I know some of you haven't seen it yet, but I must say I highly enjoyed it. I love how the whole story line is basically a throw back to the character that Carmen Maura played in La ley del deso. Can we talk about how hot Gael looks as a woman? Mamasita! All the actors were wonderful, and though his role was brief Javier Cámara was f*ckin' hilarious! Now I just need to get the bootleg. Yes they already have them here in Chicago. Leave it to the Mexicans :)

Guess which trashy broad has released a new album? LORENA HERRERA!!!! This past Sat. she was on Otro Rollo and was hawking her calendar and performed a dance remix of her new single Abrázame. OMG! I want it so bad. Thus far it's only been released in Mexico. I stole this cover pic from ebay. I figured it deserved to be stolen since the seller was asking a whopping $35 dollars for it! It only costs $73 pesos (which is less than $7US!!!). If any of you know me, I can't get enough of this hussy. Doesn't she look like a man? I love her! Soy tu querida tentación, tu mayor tentación, tu modelo de mujer.... My dearest Salvador says he will pick this up for me when he goes to Tijuana. You rock!

So we have decided to move this Sunday, the 26th. Everyone that can help is available that date. Fine with me. Only shitty thing is U-Haul won't have my truck ready until 2:30pm. I wanted to start in the morning. Oh well. So with the early move we can get Chus earlier :) Now many of you must be wondering where that name came from? Well about a year ago Rob and I were gonna get a Pug. Our trannie neighbor downstairs had one, so we decided against it. We were so gung-ho on a girl dog. See the name Chus is in honor of one of our favorite Chicas Almodóvar, Chus Lampreave. For any Almodóvar freaks like us, Chus has appeared in several of his films. Most notably as Sor rata de callejón in Entre tineblas/Dark Habits and as Leo's mother in Flower Of My Secret. We both think she is adorable and has the cutest little face, just like a puppy. So that's where the name has come. Quite honestly the name is perfect for either a boy or girl puppy. Here is a picture of Chus Lampreave from Flower Of My Secret:

Years ago I came across a picture of Divine sitting on Santa's lap. I've never been able to find it again. I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas using that visual, but since I couldn't find it I thought this one would do. It's Divine judging some Ms. Alternative Beauty Contest in the 70s. The red lady kinda looks like a Christmas tree. Have a Merry Xmas everyone!

Song of the day: Alegre Navidad-Eydie Gorme


Vertigos said...

Told you!! I loved that movie....
Lorena Herrera does look like a man...gol

Merry Xmas dude! Happy Moving!! :)

bomitoni said...

thanks "pilas" :) i woke up w/ a sore throat this morning :(